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Jun. 25th, 2011

Hard to believe law school starts in a few months. It's funny how these things just sort of fall into place. Right now I'm trying very hard not to over-prepare for the first semester. I know, you wouldn't think one could over-prepare, but I've since been informed that you can, so ... not doing that. I've checked out a couple of books from the library, and read a few articles online, and spoken to folks who are currently in (or who've been through) the law school gauntlet. I still need to sit down with Jason, an old friend who just graduated from the exact same program I'm about to start. And I'd like to brush up on how the whole American legal system works. But overall? I'm keeping things light. No studying, no stressing, no reviewing the Louisiana bar exam. All that will come later.

In more exciting news, last night I found out that Hugh got his big promotion at work. We were standing in the kitchen warming up leftovers when he turned and said, "Oh yeah, uhm ... I got the job." I spent the next few hours tugging on his sleeve and telling him he was awesome. I'm so happy for the guy. I really, really am. He'll have benefits and vacation time and all those other lovely things that come with being an actual university employee. And on top of all that, along with doing more professional development-type things? He might be going back to school. I was thrilled (nerd alert: I love school). Anyway, I told him I'd quiz him on art history if he'd quiz me on law. I'm not sure if he's planning on getting a whole 'nother degree, but it can't hurt. Hell, if the university is paying for it ...

I'm looking forward to these next few years. I know they'll be tough, and I know life won't be 100% better now, even with both of us having decent salaries. Still, it's nice feeling like we're finally adults. For the longest time we've been two kids playing house, scrounging around for cash and work, trying to figure out how to survive. If the universe can just give us a bit of breathing room, I think we'll be ok. Who knows, we might even be better than that.