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Last week, I was in the midst of writing a post about how I don't have much to post about (I know, right?), when all of a sudden ...


Well, ok. I didn't physically open it. And I wasn't actually writing the post at the time. It was sitting in my inbox that Friday half-finished, more a string of ideas than anything solid or post-worthy. But still, the sentiment was there. The topic of the past few weeks has been, without fail, Life = No New Developments. Not that I was in a particularly bad mood. It was Friday, after all, and Hugh and I were at Whole Foods happily planning out dinner for the night. No one likes a jackass standing next to them yapping on their cell, so when my phone rang in the middle of the prepared foods section, I let it go to voicemail and kept shopping. It wasn't until later that I remembered to check the phone log. One missed call from Mom. Hm. I was browsing the frozen yogurt at that point and not a soul was around. It seemed OK to ring her back. She answered almost immediately.

"Hey baby, we got a letter from law school, do you want me to open it?" Actually, this sounded more like, "Heybabywegotaletterfromlawschooldoyouwantmetoopenit?!" She was really excited.

"Uhm ... what does it look look?" I asked.

"Not a huge envelope, should I open? What do you think? Do you want me to wait?"

I laughed. "Go ahead," I said, "it's probably too soon for the acceptance letter." Strangely enough, I had chatted with my boss that very afternoon about law school. He said it'd taken him until mid-June or July to receive his letter, and it was barely a week into May. I felt pretty confident that this wasn't The letter.

There was a small pause. Then my mom's voice went slightly wavy.

"... Uh-oh."

I looked at my reflection in the freezer glass and had a small moment of panic. If I didn't get into law school, I was going to have a lot of sad faces staring back at me at work on Monday. Not to mention that this was something I was looking forward to quite a bit -- for the challenge, for the increase in pay down the line, for the simple joy of going back to school. More than that, even, for the chance to one day move out of this crummy little town and better myself and hell, maybe even practice law abroad. Not getting in wasn't going to kill me, but it was going to drag me back down to reality really, really fast.

"What 'uh-oh'?" I said. "What's it say?"

"Well ... It's your acceptance letter! They said--" she began, then after that all I could hear was my dad woo-hooing in the background. "Your father took it from me," she apologized. "But hey, you got in! .... er, sorry I opened it."

We chatted a bit more after that about the particulars, when I would start and how my company was going to help me pay for it and where I would get my books, etc. We were just finishing up the conversation when Hugh came meandering around the corner with his cart.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Oh, just my mom. I, uh, got into law school?"

Hugh smiled faintly and threw an arm around my shoulder.

"Cool," he said. "I knew you would. Ready to check out?"

And that was that.