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Earlier this week, some of Hugh's family came by the apartment to hang out for a bit. At one point we were all sitting around making small talk when his brother asked if we threw a lot of parties. "We really only have one friend who comes over on a regular basis," Hugh said, "and he's not the party type."

I didn't think much of it then, but we really are pretty anti-social. Sure, we hang out with small groups of friends or plan trips with them or go with them to the occasional wedding. We . . . I don't know, we Do Things. Yet for the most part? We're content to spend time solely with one another. My closest friends moved far away from me post-college, or had babies and started their married lives. Several stay in touch via Facebook. One comes to visit at least once a year, which is fabulous. One is going through a divorce, but we have marathon phone conversations on a semi-regular basis.

I suppose that's life. People start doing their own thing or move away or decide they don't like you anymore. That's fair. But how does one go about cultivating new friendships? Is there a trick to this? I spend a good 40+ hours at work each week, and have plenty of co-worker friends. They're great, truly, but they're not people I want to hang out with outside the office. It was simple finding like-minded friends in college. We were all the same age, studying the same things. And it's easy now to just go home to Hugh and be ok in my anti-socialness. Every now and then, though, it'd be nice to go out shopping with a girlfriend. I do miss that.