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Slow end to the work week. I can think of few things worse than sitting here with nothing to occupy my time, only me and the clock ticking down the minutes to five p.m. As a general rule I like to keep busy at the office, even if it's printing out correspondence or creating folders or responding to emails. I should be happy, I suppose. February here will be incredibly hectic. Lots of things coming due, plus we have meetings with our inventors to discuss the next business quarter, which inevitably leads to lots of harried running around for me -- getting our docket in order, printing out information and preparing the database, firing up the computer in the conference room, arriving early to set out the coffee cake and fruit (not at all required, of course, but it's nice to play hostess sometimes). Aside from that, there are a smattering of birthdays in February, Valentine's Day weekend with the boyfriend, a showing of King Lear at the local university, a dentist appointment, etc. Nothing major in and of itself, just lots of little things.

It's too bad I forgot to bring The Children's Book with me today, I could've worked on that while I wait for quitting time. I haven't made much progress there yet. I had a lovely and unexpected hour-and-a-half-long phone conversation with my friend Rachel this week that made me pine for more reading time. We worked at the bookstore together back in college and used to chat authors and literature fairly often. It makes me sad that she lives all the way up in Rhode Island now. I really do miss her company. Hugh is an excellent companion, and my dearest friend, but he's more a comic books and video games sort of guy. Trying to lure him into bed early to read with me never seems to work out, sadly. If I weren't thinking so seriously about going back to school, I might hunt down a book group here in town. I suspect most of my reading post-enrollment will be legal. Not a bad thing, per se. And perhaps I will meet a reading buddy in class.

Speaking of friends moving away, it's weird to think that if I get into the law program, I'll be stuck here in town for at least another four years. That's a concession I'll have to make, I guess. I feel less of an itch to move Right Now And Damn The Consequences, like I once did, but it's definitely still there. In fact, I was driving home yesterday thinking how wonderful it'd be to be able to leave this place. Right now that's not even an option for us. Sometimes it feels like we're trapped. For the first time in a long time, though, I feel like we're both making progress in our jobs and working towards that goal. We've talked about cities like Seattle or Portland, places clean and intellectual and full of quirky charm, with huge amounts of natural beauty. I could even see Europe working for us if I studied international law . . .

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. One day at a time. One good day at a time. That's all we can do, really. And then just go from there.