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zerzura's Journal

10 February 1982
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"I do not believe I entered a cursed land, or that I was ensnared in a situation that was evil. Every place and person was a gift to me."
- Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient
accents, animal magnetism, archery, arthurian legends, bjork, blind assassins, boys with gentle hearts, cartography, cashmere, caterpillars, chainmail, charcoal sketches, charlie kaufman screenplays, cinematography, clavicles, crinkly sheet music, day-long reading sessions, eccentricities, elaborately braided hair, fairy tales, famous blue raincoats, far-fetched ideas, ferns and forests, fields of lavender, flower crowns, freshly laundered sheets, greek and roman mythology, gustav klimt, half-destroyed castles, handwriting, isolation, jimmy stuart, libraries, long-awaited holidays, margaret atwood, maritime legends, michael ondaatje, mulder-and-scully love, notes in the margins, overgrown gardens, photography, reading between the lines, seasons, shipwrecks and torn sails, sweethearts' secrets, the kindness of strangers, the wilderness, tissue paper hearts, tori amos, unexpected rain, violins and cellos, whale-bone corsets, wild welsh ponies