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I think I forgot to mention here that I finally received my LSAT scores in the mail. They weren't wonderful, but they weren't terrible either. For taking the test practically cold, I didn't do half bad. I think if I'd studied a bit, I would've scored at least ten to fifteen points higher, which would've given me a lot of decent program options. Not that it matters, really. There's only one place here in town with a night program, and I did well enough this first time around to qualify for it. Now it's just securing recommendations, writing my letter of intent, and applying to the school. I also need to receive a definitive answer on reimbursement, but I'm going forward as if I already have the OK. If that doesn't work out, surely there are other options available that aren't taking out more school loans. I'm still paying back the one I took out for my first master's degree . . .

So there's one resolution out of the way. The deciding-to-apply part, I mean. I still have other associated obligations, and I need to actually get accepted, but I think I've at least come to the conclusion that more school isn't such a bad option, especially if it's mostly paid for by my employer. Other resolutions are pending. I renewed my membership at the gym, but I've been pretty bad about going there on a regular basis. Some of that has been the weather (too cold to do anything late at night!) and some of it has been me (stomach flu this past weekend, alas). To start the week off right, I'm headed there tonight for some cardio and weight-lifting. Hopefully I can get back on a regular schedule again.

Not much else to report. I'm happy to be posting more frequently, even if everything I've posted so far has been incredibly mundane. I could lie and say the juicy stuff is going into my paper journal, but the truth is I haven't even touched the paper journal in months. Life has been relatively calm, a nice respite from some years past. I feel like I'm moving forward, setting goals, pushing myself a little. That's not to say I'm not struggling. I don't have everything figured out, not by a long shot. I still have days where I come home to the apartment and wonder how I'm ever going to afford to keep it. I still daydream about writing and living overseas again. I'm not even close to being the person I want to be, in terms of the grand scheme of things. I'm ok with that, though. I'm ok. And for me, that's real progress.